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Advert: Tech Ed OZ Student Session

From Andrew Parsons at Microsoft Australia.


Come and hear from and interact with students from all across the country - possibly from your very own university - who all want one thing - to have a better, richer, more productive and inspiring experience while they study.

Hear how they want to be inspired to use technology and what they need to feel supported by you in their endeavours to better themselves, and why they want to be more productive (and how they can be) which in turn will help them succeed even more, and even what they want in an email service at their university.

Want to know what your students want to do when they graduate? Feel it's important to know how to interact with the modern day student in your class or on your campus? Hunger to not only teach but lead your students to success in study and career?

Last year's Academic Day confirmed one thing to us - the faculty and IT staff attendees found it incredibly valuable to hear directly from the students on the day, so we're committing ourselves this year to making that happen even more - every session delivered in The Student Dialogues will be presented by a student from around the country that all have a common goal - to help their universities serve their students better so that when they graduate they're ready for the outside world as powerful and effective as they can be.

You might have noticed the title of this event contains the word Dialogues, which is completely intentional. While every student presenter will be delivering to you their key messages, they're also keen to hear from you - they're committed to making this an interactive experience that benefits both the university and the students. So every session will have a dedicated Q&A time slot allocated to it.

So don't miss this special three and a half hour event on the Gold Coast. RSVP is essential so book your place today!

All attendees will also receive complimentary access to the opening keynote address of the biggest technical conference in Australia - TechEd, and an invitation to attend the opening party of TechEd where they can network with the IT industry itself, potentially finding partners to help support their students in their study.

AGENDA OUTLINE - 12:30pm Start

· Introduction

· The Modern Student: What it means to be a student

· The Future Student: What can you do to attract students to your institution

· Inspiration - Imagine Cup - students want to represent your uni or school on the world stage

· Afternoon Tea

· Mobility - Windows Phone 7

· Productivity - Office 2010 and Office Web Apps

· Communication - Live@EDU

· Conclusion

Remember, all sessions include Q&A so you can ask the students directly for more details on the burning info you're after.

4:00-4:30pm Transition to Keynote

4:30pm - Complimentary access to Opening Keynote of TechEd Australia



12:30pm - 4:00pm, Tuesday 24 August 2010

4:30pm onwards for TechEd Opening Keynote


Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre

Corner of Gold Coast Highway and TE Peters Drive, Broadbeach QLD 4218

Session information

The Modern Student - What does it mean to be a student in today's world? How does the modern student cope with the pressures of always on communication, families, work and social activities while at the same time trying to excel at study? What things can you do to help them succeed and not feel bombarded and helpless? What things can they do to help you better connect with them and communicate with them more effectively?

The Future Student - All universities are constantly challenged to recruit more and better candidates for their undergraduate courses. Hear from students who are passionate about exciting kids to get into studying technology and how they can help you get more passionate high school students applying to study at your university. Find out what techniques work when trying to get potential candidates keen on IT, and hear how your own current student pool can help you reach out to your surrounding schools.

Inspiration - Students all over the country are proud of the university they study at and we're hearing they want to represent their uni on the national and global stage. Microsoft run Imagine Cup, the world's biggest technology competition for students with over 325,000 students entering the competition worldwide in 2010. How can you help encourage and support the students at your university represent their technical prowess and in turn showcase the talent that is produced out of your university to the industry and media worldwide.

Mobility - A special introductory session on Windows Phone 7 that shows off the features and how it can integrate to other aspects of the learning experience for a student, plus a quick demonstration of how easy it is to build your own applications for the phone that could potentially leverage off your institution's existing infrastructure.

Productivity - All students want to be as productive as possible. Studies show that they have almost double the amount of activities as they have waking hours in a week, which means they need to be as efficient as possible with everything they do. Hear how some students use products like OneNote and the new Office Web Apps to make their lives easier and see how they can be integrated into your own learning environment easily and at low or no cost to help them be even more productive in their study.

Communication - Email is arguably the most important and effective way of communicating with students in a typical university environment but is also one of the hardest to manage. Hear how students who have used Live@EDU have found it to be an incredibly effective solution for their email needs and has the additional benefits of being able to be used as their online ID elsewhere, thus spreading awareness of your institution on a wider net.

To attend, simply send an email to and include the following information for each person you're RSVPing for:

Full Name

Educational Institution

Too easy!

I look forward to seeing you there, but more importantly, the student speakers are looking forward to seeing you there. Don't miss out.

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