Sunday, November 27, 2011

Video: Two Videos from Gartner BPM Summit

Have just uploaded two videos we showed back in August at the Gartner BPM Summit in Sydney.

The first video is a refresh of our Augmented Reality Process Modelling tool.

The second video shows us using an MS Surface as a collaborative modelling tool.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Boast: 2011 Final Year QUT Games Projects

This week I am very proud to present this years games published by our final year students within the QUT Bachelor of Games and Interactive Entertainment. On Friday, 4th November, our students showcased their work at the State Library of Qld in Brisbane. Fourteen games were on display, and a great night was had by all. A special highlight was an excellent motivational presentation by Assoc. Professor Jeff Brand from Bond University.

The QUT Games staff award for best game went to Manastorm (Lust for Guts), while Halfbrick Studios (Brisbane developer of the Fruit Ninja game) gave their award to Awien Ambush. Photos of the event, by Michael Miller, are found here.

Matt Ford, Michael Docherty and I have been working very hard with these students for a year now, and we are VERY proud of the results. This year's cohort has exceeded all expectations.

Some highlights are:
  • Stranded and Awien Ambush making the top ten on IndieDB - just to compare, Minecraft is the top game on IndieDB, this is a great achievement;
  • Manastorm making the top fifty on Youtube Australia with just their trailer video.
But don't just take my word for it. The following are links to all our freely available student work. Download them for yourself, and have a play! :-)

Ross - home alone with lots of aliens - tower defence with amazing 3D environments - escape your science teacher's clutches - escape a planet inhabited by deadly beasts - collaborate to solve 3D platform puzzles - solve puzzles by absorbing physical attributes - robot puzzler with cool detachable arm - ninja combat with an insane grapple mechanic - solve puzzles by transforming into light itself - defend against zombies and take the trebuchet - hack and slash with skills, skills and more skills - hovercraft-based 3D shoot-em up

Paper: Virtual world process perspective visualization

Just had a paper accepted for eKNOW in Valencia, Spain in Jan 2012. This is the first output of a collaboration I have with Johannes Herter and Daniel Eichhorn at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Abstract: Product Lifecycle Management has been developed as an approach to providing timely engineering information. However, the number of domain specializations within manufacturing makes such information communication disjointed, inefficient and error-prone. In this paper we propose an immersive 3D visualization of linked domain- specific information views for improving and accelerating communication processes in Product Lifecycle Management. With a common and yet understandable visualization of several domain views, interconnections and dependencies become obvious. The conceptual framework presented here links domain-specific information extracts from Product Lifecycle Management systems with each other and displays them via an integrated 3D representation scheme. We expect that this visualization framework should support holistic tactical decision making processes between domain-experts in operational and tactical manufacturing scenarios.