Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Paper: Virtual world process perspective visualization

Just had a paper accepted for eKNOW in Valencia, Spain in Jan 2012. This is the first output of a collaboration I have with Johannes Herter and Daniel Eichhorn at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Abstract: Product Lifecycle Management has been developed as an approach to providing timely engineering information. However, the number of domain specializations within manufacturing makes such information communication disjointed, inefficient and error-prone. In this paper we propose an immersive 3D visualization of linked domain- specific information views for improving and accelerating communication processes in Product Lifecycle Management. With a common and yet understandable visualization of several domain views, interconnections and dependencies become obvious. The conceptual framework presented here links domain-specific information extracts from Product Lifecycle Management systems with each other and displays them via an integrated 3D representation scheme. We expect that this visualization framework should support holistic tactical decision making processes between domain-experts in operational and tactical manufacturing scenarios.


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Julien said...

Great work Ross! Let me know if/when you are in Karlsruhe, I'm just up the autobahn from there, I'd love to catch up. Julien.