Wednesday, July 24, 2013

CFP Update: 10th Asia-Pacific Conference on Conceptual Modelling (APCCM 2014)

We would like to give you an update on the conference activities:

- Prof. John Mylopoulos (University of Trento, Italy) will give an APCCM keynote at the ACSW 2014 on "Goal-Oriented Requirements Engineering"

- the PC list is finalised and can be viewed on

- we have again a Best Paper Award (NZD 500.-) sponsored by University of Auckland and University of South Australia.

- Less than three weeks to the paper submission deadline (12 August 2013)!

We would very much appreciate if you could help us promoting the conference by distributing the call for papers enclosed throughout your networks.

A PDF version of the call can be downloaded from

We would also very much appreciate if you could start following the conference at Twitter:

and retweet information that will be posted on Twitter. The hashtag for the conference is #apccm2014

We are looking forward to meeting you in Auckland, New Zealand in January 2014.

Thank you,

Georg Grossmann and Motoshi Saeki

APCCM 2014 PC Co-Chairs

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Video: Direct Collada Importation to Open Sim

Fortune Truong, a Masters student I have been supervising for a minor project last semester, has just completed a nice native Collada uploading module for Open Sim.  The interaction consists of laying out a primitive with the desired dimensions, and then clicking it to bring up the Google Sketchup 3D Warehouse window to select an object.  The Collada mesh is then injected into the database backend of Open Sim directly, without any intermediate file manipulation by the user.

Video of work can be found here:

Nice work Fortune!


Link: TAProViz'13 Workshop Programme

Our TAProViz workshop programme for BPM 2013 is now available online at:

Congratulations to those who were successful with their submissions.  

We are also very happy to announce that Prof. Hajo Reiers (TUE) will be delivering our keynote.



Beijing, China - 26 August 2013 
Hajo A. Reijers
Towards Enhancing Business Process Monitoring with Sonification  
Tobias Hildebrandt
15:00-15:30Coffee Break
A Navigation Metaphor to Support Mobile Workflow Systems  
Jorge Cardoso, Stefan Jablonski and Bernhard Volz
Evaluating KIPN for modeling KIP  
Joanne Netto, Flavia Santoro and Fernanda Baiao
16:30-17:00Community meeting
18:00-20:00Workshop Dinner

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Black Box Executable Optiportal Rendering with OpenGL

This year I have been supervising Steven Jonkers on a rendering technology honours project, looking at how to hook into OpenGL executables so that binaries will run on the QUT CUBE, sans modification. Steven has created some great technology to automatically hook into the applications so that they are rendered onto large segmented displays. The methods interrupts the GPU pipeline using windows message hooks, and implements a master-slave distributed renderer, allowing very low network overheads, even for large particle systems.  

The following video links show example OpenGL demonstrators running, without modification, on the OptiPortal in the QUT HPC department.  NB, move to end of video to see the OptiPortal renderings.

Shadow Maps -

2D Particle Simulation -

HDR Demo -

This is a great outcome for an honours thesis (nice work Steven!), and will continue as an ongoing project in liason with the QUT Cube team and HPC.

Thanks to Michael Rosemann for the "motivational" IS Honours scholarship for Steven.