Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Paper: Workflow Resource Pattern Modelling and Visualization

Just got the following conference paper "Workflow Resource Pattern Modelling and Visualization" accepted for ACSC 2013 conference, Adelaide, Australia.  Paper is here.

Abstract: Workflow patterns have been recognized as the theoretical basis to modeling recurring problems in workflow systems. A form of workflow patterns, known as the resource patterns, characterise the behaviour of resources in workflow systems. Despite the fact that many resource patterns have been discovered, people still preclude them from many workflow system implementations. One of reasons could be obscurity in the behaviour of and interaction between resources and a workflow management system. Thus, we provide a modelling and visualization approach for the resource patterns, enabling a resource behaviour modeller to intuitively see the specific resource patterns involved in the lifecycle of a workitem. We believe this research can be extended to benefit not only workflow modelling, but also other applications, such as model validation, human resource behaviour modelling, and workflow model visualization.

Well done Hanwen!


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