Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Paper: Interactive product browsing and configuration using remote augmented reality sales services

Just had a paper "Interactive product browsing and configuration using remote augmented reality sales services" accepted into the ICSOC 2012 Workshop : Service Clouds in the Enterprise and Beyond.  QUT ePrints Link is here.

Abstract: Real-time remote sales assistance is an underdeveloped component of online sales services. Solutions involving web page text chat, telephony and video support prove problematic when seeking to remotely guide customers in their sales processes, especially with configurations of physically complex artefacts. Recently, there has been great interest in the application of virtual worlds and augmented reality to create synthetic environments for remote sales of physical artefacts. However, there is a lack of analysis and development of appropriate software services to support these processes. We extend our previous work with the detailed design of configuration context services to support the management of an interactive sales session using augmented reality. We detail the context and configuration services required, presenting a novel data service streaming configuration information to the vendor for business analytics. We expect that a fully implemented configuration management service, based on our design, will improve the remote sales experience for both customers and vendors alike via analysis of the streamed information.

Many thanks to Helen Paik (UNSW) and Alistair Barros (QUT) for their contributions.


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