Saturday, October 27, 2012

Brag: zOMG IndieDB, it’s teh QUT Pwns!

This has been a great week for our QUT Games and Interactive Entertainment students.  The final year project students are made to release their games to a popular independent game development site called IndieDB (  IndieDB is used as a distribution channel by a number of very popular indie games, such as Minecraft.

A number of our teams have had some amazing results this week on the IndieDB site, with at one stage nine teams being in the top one hundred, two of them making the top ten and three (Applied Science, Crank and Torak) being featured on the main site banner at the same time.

But my favourite is seeing one QUT game, Rotation Fixation, briefly climb to number four, just above Minecraft!

We have also heard many stories of games sites running reviews of their games and a magazine planning to package a QUT game on a DVD they are giving away for free.

For our student teams, these are great achievements, showing that they are doing some excellent work.  Matt Ford and myself, as unit supervisors, are very, very proud.

So, you are all welcome to come along to the BGIE Industry showcase on Friday, 2nd Nov., to play these games, and mingle with the students and local industry reps.; or you can download the games from the links below.


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