Sunday, October 27, 2013

Paper: Storyboard augmentation of process model grammars for stakeholder communication

Just had a paper accepted for IVAPP 2014, "Storyboard augmentation of process model grammars for stakeholder communication," coauthored with my colleague Simone Kriglstein from the University of Vienna.  Paper was the product of an Honours (First Class) project by Kathleen Nardella at QUT.  Paper can be found here.

Abstract - Process models are often used to visualize and communicate workflows to involved stakeholders. Unfortunately, process modeling notations can be complex and need specific knowledge to be understood. Storyboards, as a visual language to illustrate workflows as sequences of images, provide natural visualization features that allow for better communication, to provide insight to people from non-process modelling expert domains. This paper proposes a visualization approach using a 3D virtual world environment to visualize storyboards for business process models. A prototype was built to present its applicability via generating output with examples of five major process model patterns and two non-trivial use cases. Illustrative results for the approach show the promise of using a 3D virtual world to visualize complex process models in an unambiguous and intuitive manner.


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