Thursday, July 22, 2010

CFP: SIOP MUVE Conference 2011


The study of Multi‐User Virtual Environments (MUVEs), like Second Life and OpenSim, is a brand new area of investigation in industrial/organizational psychology. Researchers in I/O
Psych study the application of psychological principles to workers and worker behavior in a
wide variety of settings, from large multinational corporations, to small businesses, to the
military. MUVEs are being used in these settings for many reasons, including recruitment,
selection/interviewing, training and development, leadership studies, and many others.

We are currently seeking collaborators for a symposium submission on MUVEs to the 2011
conference of the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology [SIOP]. The SIOP conference
attracts approximately 4000 academics and practitioners from a variety of fields, most typically
including I/O psychology, human resources, organizational behavior, and management.
OBHRM professionals are also often in attendance. Together, this composition offers ample
opportunity to establish new partnerships, collaborations, and contracts with a wide variety of

Symposia at the SIOP conference are one‐ to two‐hour presentations consisting of 3 to 7
individual theoretical or empirical presentations, followed by a discussant that gives
commentary on the papers presented. Individual presentation lengths vary, but are typically 20
to 30 minutes. For this symposium, we are targeting empirical submissions, but high quality
theory is also welcome. Case studies of MUVEs deployed in actual organizations (outside the
lab) would be of high value.

The 2011 SIOP Conference will be held in downtown Chicago, IL. Each paper submitted in a
symposium is abstract‐length, and the deadline for this submission is September 15, 2010.
If you are interested in being a part of this symposium, please contact Richard N. Landers
(, Assistant Professor of I/O Psychology at Old Dominion University to
discuss it in further detail.

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