Thursday, August 13, 2009

Second Life Business Report Q2 2009

Second Life continues to grow, despite doom reports about its demise. These results are from Linden Labs., so some sping is assumed. However, there are rules about financial reporting for businesses that should be assumed here as well. So despite reports to the contrary, Second Life continues to be a viable and growing environment.

For me this is not such an issue, since my work in this space is around the Open Simulator project, in particular, using such a world to visualise Business Process Models. But I do have to comment, that this field is still gaining pace as a serious place for business...

Just wish I could get some content out (once purchased) and into my other sims!


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Steven Groves said...

Ross, any Linden Labs spin aside, I also see virtual worlds picking up this year and next.

Come by the parcel to visit (Estaban Graves in SL) and pick up a special edition of The Social Media Bible in Second Life - SLURL here -

BTW, I recommend turning off the moderation feature of a blog... let the community talk connect - you can always delete rude / inappropriate comments after the fact with no loss of credibility.