Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Business Process Model in a Day

Have been putting together some code in Open Simulator recently, and have noticed the effort involved in creating 3D Business Environments to support any 3D Process Models. Traditional CAD oriented modelling is problematic in this space, as it requires doing the modelling by hand, so to speak, and lacks industrial level methods for generating content. Procedural methods, while able to generate content from programmatic and grammatical constructs, still do not help with representing the information in a specific business.

This is where image-based modelling techniques are invaluable, due to their ability to generate three dimensional geometry from images of an object. Reading the BoingBoing blog today, I came across this project at the University of Washington. The intention is to create techniques and approaches which will allow the building of geometric models of Rome from images in Flickr with Rome location tags.

With such approaches maturing, it might be feasible to use such techniques when trying to generate a 3D model of a business for a process model visualisation. This means that a business analyst could create a 3D model of components of the business from movies or photos taken of key sites in the business.
However, I think the techniques need to mature a little before I would hand them over to an MBA Graduate, just yet. ;-)

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