Tuesday, February 5, 2008

3D visualisations need more analysis

It's an interesting things to note, that with all the papers I read on 3D environments for process visualisation, there seems to be a lack of analysis on how good it is, and how this should map to various tasks being carried out by stakeholders.

It's a component of what I will be writing about here into the future, so no give aways at present, until I get some publications.

It seems that most analysis is at the level of "Geez, this is soooooo cool. I can see my processes as little men...", doesn't cut it in the usability analysis stakes.

I think it is relevant to spend time ascertaining whether the visualisations work for each stakeholder, and then maybe this can move from a geewhiz area to a rigorous professional contribution to the modelling of business processes.

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