Saturday, May 1, 2010

Link: Video of Mobile Phone DLP Projector

Samsung have a new mobile projector using Texas Instruments Pico Projector technology.

One of my desires is to see ad-hoc environments developed using the latest technology, allowing process modelling spaces to be portable and spontaneous in nature. This sort of display technology will go a long way to creating such spaces, especially as the mobile projector can be mounted in atypical ways to form interesting projection environments, and can then be placed in the pocket and taken home. This displays can be combined with touch table solutions and other surfaces to create productive ad-hoc digital interaction environments for collaborative process modelling. Such ideas have been explored by the Sixth Sense project at (where else but) MIT. Would be good to see this happen with Process Modelling, especially for client/analyst communication.

A word of caution here though. Let's hope we don't take it too far and do the Iron Man 2 thing and turn every surface (and volume) into a display. Ugh! :-|


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