Thursday, November 26, 2009

Supply Chain Real Time Sensor Data

FedEx have taken the step of developing sensor bundles that you can drop into a package for real-time tracking of your precious cargo. Sensors on the device tell you where the package is, its temperature, and whether the package has been opened.

$120 US a month is a little pricy for the laity, but would be worth it for special cargo in the area of life sciences, which is the target market.

However, if this information can be sent via such simple tracking devices, and the price goes down, then these devices could be used for so much data logging of sensor information.

So, apropos of nothing. Maybe when the temperature sensors come to people's iPhones, instead of folding at home, we could have "Weather at Home." Crowd sourcing micro climate information from people's mobile phones.

Now that would be the BOM!


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