Monday, September 12, 2016

Paper: A 3D visualization approach for process training in office environments, COOPIS 2016

Have had a paper accepted for COOPIS 2016, part of a collaboration with my friends Banu Aysolmaz and Hajo Reijers, at VU Amsterdam. Paper can be found here.

Abstract: Process participants need to learn how to perform in the context of their business processes. Process training is challenging due to cognitive difficulties in relating process model elements to real world concepts. In this paper we present a 3D Virtual World (VW) process training approach for office environments. In this VW, process participants can experience a process in an immersive environment. They inter- act with VW representations of process elements in changing locations, based on process activities. By means of embodied 3D representation, deep immersion and engagement in this environment, enhancements in long term memory learning and episodic memory usage for knowledge retrieval are expected. Our illustration of an example process model shows the applicability of the approach. We list a number of future directions to extend the use and the benefits.


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