Monday, September 12, 2016

EditedProc: Preface to the 5th International Workshop on Theory and Application of Visualizations and Human-centric Aspects in Processes.

Preface to our workshop at BPM 2016 - TAProViz2016. Collaboration with my Austrian Friends - Stefanie Rinderle-Ma and Simone Kriglestein.  Preface contents can be found here.

Abstract: This is the fifth TAProViz workshop being run at the 14th International Conference on Business Process Management (BPM). The intention this year is to consolidate on the results of the previous successful workshops by further developing this important topic, identifying the key research topics of interest to the BPM visualization community. Towards this goal, the workshop topics were extended to human computer interaction and related domains.

Submitted papers were evaluated by at least three program committee members, in a double blind manner, on the basis of significance, originality, technical quality and exposition. Three full papers were accepted for presentation at the workshop from five submissions.

The papers address a number of topics in the area of process model visualization, in particular:

– Visualization of Layout Metrics for Business Process Models

– Eye Tracking and Process of Process Modeling

– Visually Comparing Process Dynamics

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