Monday, May 4, 2009

War Room Processes

Was watching an old WII propaganda movie on Auntie (Australian ABC) the other night. Found the Command Centre system used by the British quite fascinating. The UK had an advanced warning system of people listening for bombers on the coast. This was then relayed to HQ, and a visualisation setup, with two screens. One for detection purposes, where the bombers were plotted at regular intervals, and another table for interception preparation.

This interested me due to the visualisation analogs from over 60 years ago. Tables displayed regular updates on bomber and interceptor movements, along with a division of visualisations into different tasks - interception planning and monitoring. All of this tied together with much human input, to provide interactive updates on information, but not in real time...that comes with computers and sensors.

Reminded me of the historical background to the development of real-time computer displays and visualisations. Everything we do now in Info. Vis. has had an analog in history, performed manually.

And I thought I was being original. :-)


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