Wednesday, May 6, 2009

US Marine Simulation via Mixed Reality

Continuing our military theme for the past few weeks, here is a great video on the simulators used for Marine training. The system is mixed reality in nature, incorporating environments that simulate Iraq and Afghanistan based scenarios.

Interesting to note the emotional responses of the recruits during the exercises. A key factor in the use of these simulations is to immerse the participant in the feel of the whole environment. Using a mixed reality setting goes a long way to assisting this process.

This has its applications in business processes as well. Even in business, there is an emotional component to a business environment that needs to be experienced in order to have the correct idea about the processes being performed. This is especially required for training applications with people. The health sector realises this, and has sunk a lot of money into health worker training simulations. However, to model the feel of an environment takes a lots of work to get right.

Which should keep me busy in my research for some time yet.


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