Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Process Mining Comment by Wil van der Aalst

Having made a comment on the Fujistu visualisations presented in a previous post, I found it interesting to look at the comments by Wil van der Aalst at BPMTrends.

He has spent a long time looking at Process Mining as a research area, his research group has produced an excellent suite of tools for this application called ProM. In particular, the visualisation capabilities of the environment are second to none for the area of event log processing. It makes a number of other commerical tools look quite poor in comparison, and with over 230 plugins, it is easily extensible as well.
It's also open source...

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Sukriti Goel said...

I agree that ProM is a very useful process mining tool. Still there are challenges in area of process mining. Process mining is possible when data is available in a format acceptable by the tool. Proces aware systems can provide the data in required format as input to ProM but for process unaware systems or processes which run across various systems, it would be a challenge to mine process. You can refer to my blog at to look at more challenges in area of process mining.