Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Boast: QUT Games Project Download Links

Last Wednesday night we had our BGIE Industry Showcase in P Block @ QUT.  Great night, with heaps of gameplay.  But, even if you missed the event, you can play the games!  All the links to the student projects follow.  So knock yourself out and play my students' games.  You won't be disappointed. :-)

Archmage -
Endpoint -
Heroes of Yggdrasil -
Overground -
The Skeleton War -
Curse of Excalibur -
The Library -
Solitude Station -
M is for Mutant -
Right To Rule -
Capacitor -
League of Metal Men -
Cube Commander -
Barnyard Revolution -
Icarus -

Good to also see the "The Skeleton War" and "M is for Mutant" have been featured on the banner of IndiDB and are still in the Top 100 after a number of weeks.

Way to go guys!


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