Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Justification: SimOnAStick

A while back in March this year, I blogged about how you can store a virtual world on a USB stick, and distribute it, just like a word document for commenting. This was intended as an article to break down the notion that you always have to think of a virtual world as a cloud service, it can be considered to be just like a local document that can be annotated.

Well, there is now a web site call SimOnAStick, where they literally provide a distribution of OpenSim and the Impromptu Viewer to fit onto a USB stick.

I told you I was right. :-)


1 comment:

iliveisl said...

your analogy to a document is excellent! that really is what SL or OpenSim is, a shared document updating in real time

that perspective changed the way i view virtual worlds

the sim-on-a-stick thing works so well and is a wonderful way to try OpenSim

thanks on the mention and for starting much of the interest in sim-on-a-stick =)