Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Link: The Wilderness Downtown

From the Yesha VW Blog, a machinma generation software page for an Arcade Fire song.

It is pure emotional manipulation, using images of your home town as a way to engage with the song in a deeper manner. Found it quite wistful to see the large St Killian's Clapboard Church from my hometown of Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.

However, putting aside my cynical attitude to being manipulated by an Emo band, this approach could be used in an exceedingly powerful manner for visualisation and communication. Imagine a Green Party political campaign with images of YOUR home town damaged by global warming.

Another example of Minority Report style location aware advertising I guess. :-)


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Anonymous said...

Ahh, that reminds me to check this out, thanks. I love this album. And I don't think they qualify as an emo band. They are a kind of arty album band. It's one of the best albums-as-an-album I've ever loved. :)