Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Farsighted UK Minister

Came across this article where Civil Service Minister Tom Watson has stated that serious games could play a "substantial role" in overcoming a UK recession expected to last throughout 2009.

"The government's constant aim is to improve delivery of public services, but the economic downturn means that right now, we have pretty much no margin for error," Watson said at a recent serious games conference in the UK. "Delivering more for less has never been so important, at least not in my lifetime, and serious games can play a substantial role in helping do that at a time when public services will be more and more in demand."

Have had similar discussions with people in government in Qld and the rest of Australia about using such gaming systems for public service delivery. Good to see high level government support for the idea in the UK. In addition, he sees this as a great money spinner for their Computer Game Industry.

So, I think it is about time to do this in Australia...


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Anonymous said...

And what better place to make it happen in Australia than the Smart Services CRC? :-) Julien.