Thursday, December 11, 2008

And the manifold keeps turning...

I was reading BoingBoing over my cup of crap Nescafe 43 blend (ran out of grounds) this morning, and came across these exquisite sculptures of financial charts by Andreas Nicolas Fischer, an artist in Berlin. The one on the left reminded me of some early images of computer graphics from the 70/80s. Apart from the aesthetic beauty of the data representations, the fact that they are in real 3D aids insight into understanding the underlying data. All present displays are 2D in nature, even stereo is just a 2D display incorporating parallax to fool the eye, thus confusion can result with large amounts of data. At the moment we can use 3D printers, but they are definitely a batch oriented solution - like old school computer graphics.

What we need is a Real-Time 3D Printer/Display...but that might be a while off.


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