Sunday, March 23, 2008


Just watched this video from a colleague at work. It is an example of "Target Focus" - the exclusion of other information when performing certain tasks. This can be a problem if you are a dive bomber, as you may not pull up in time due to this focus of concentration. :-)

What has this to do with BPM Visualisation? Well, usually you only really need to present the information required for a particular task when viewing a process model, as the other information is either ignored, or becomes a hinderance to the task. The human visual attention system accomplishes this quite well, as you discover in the video. The question is, can we develop good psychological models to filter useless information for task-oriented visualisations. My impression is (at the moment) that at this moment in time the process visualisation community is lagging behind the other visualisation researchers and practitioners in using this approach.

As a counter argument, the removal of too much information may hinder the process analysis task at hand just as badly. So effective task-oriented process perception models may be a good research area to develop, to fine tune visualisations to a deeper task oriented level, past higher level role oriented information filtering that is presently proposed.

What do you think?


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